Commonly Asked Questions

Is a GWP the same as a Drahthaar?

It depends on whom you ask!  German Wirehaired Pointer is virtually a translation of Deutsch Drahthaar.  Our GWP originated from the DD in the 1900’s. The breeding practices and registration requirements for Drathaars in Germany vary greatly from the American Kennel Club’s GWP, but the written standards are still very similar.

Do GWPs Make good pets? Are GWPs Good with kids?

GWPs make excellent family pets and companions.  This is assuming they receive proper training, socialization, exercise, and attention.  They are very devoted, affectionate, and playful.  Some can be very protective as well.  GWPs do well with children when raised with kids and are supervised.  Children, of course, should be taught how to properly interact with dogs.  Never leave a young child and any dog alone together.

Do GWPs shed a lot?

A correct GWP coat does not shed excessively.  They will require a minimum of grooming to be kept neat.  The harsh coat is water repellent and dries quickly.  It also allows for grass seeds and burrs to be combed out with relative ease.

How come some GWPs have very short coats and some are very hairy?

There still exists a variety of coat types in today’s GWPs, as a result of the variety of breeds used to create it.  Within the same litter, there can be “slick” coated dogs, “woolly” dogs, and correct harsh coated dogs.  Conscientious breeders strive to produce the correct type of coat.

Where can I get a GWP?

The best place to find a breeder is with local breed clubs or the German Wirehaired Club of America (see below.)  Go to dog shows, field trials and hunt tests.  Talk to a lot of different people.  Ask a lot of questions.  Getting a “rescue” dog is another option.  Never buy a puppy from a pet store!

Should I breed my GWP?

Creating a litter of puppies should not be taken lightly.  There is a tragic pet overpopulation problem in our country and GWPs are not excluded.  Unfortunately, there is a need for GWP rescue groups, and they do keep busy.  The only reason to breed would be if your dog or bitch has traits that would benefit the breed.  If you feel you have a GWP of exceptional quality, and would like to breed, have an unbiased experienced GWP person evaluate its conformation and hunting ability.

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